Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is with disappointment that we have to announce that Cruise with a Cause 2015 will not take place. The past 3 years since our last CWAC mission have been quite challenging. We worked for a long time to try to take the first ship into Haiti in over 30 years, and when it
was finally determined that we are still a couple of years from being able to do that, we refocused on Jamaica. Now the problem simply comes down to funding. Ministry costs money, and a large venture like this costs a lot of money. Although the efficiency with which we have seen impact made has been only something that can be explained by God’s Hand of Intervention, it still takes a lot of financial backing.

That said, please know that PraiseFest Ministries is not giving up. When God is in something, “delayed vision does not mean denied vision”. We are still seeking the funding to make the next CWAC a reality and once we have that, we will then start planning the
next mission. In the meantime, we are having a daily impact made through our clean water initiative as we now have clean water that has been distributed in more than a dozen countries. This part of our ministry has led to seeing hundreds of people come to Christ already. Here is a link to seeing this in action: We need more churches involved with this NOW! In fact, if we could get 300 churches to support this, CWAC would be ready to go! PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INFO!

We are also working on some funding events in the future that can put us in a position to have the funding that is needed.

We are open to any sponsors that may be willing to consider assisting with this, and if you or anyone you know may be willing to consider, please send me a personal note at We are simply looking for credit needed to provide assurance to the cruise line that we will use.

In the meantime, we ask that you please lift up this effort in your prayers. Cruise with a Cause has not only seen more than 35,000 people come to Christ, but has stimulated an unprecedented unity within the Body of Christ for a single purpose. I believe that the enemy fights harder against unity than anything else because the enemy knows the power
of unity in Christ and what Jesus said about unity. Because of that, we must also fight for this.

Thanks to all of you that will commit to praying for this mission!


In Christ,

Dr. Matthew Dunaway


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PraiseFest Ministries is built on the words of Jesus in John 17:23. We are unifying the body & showing the love of Jesus to the world!

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