Dear Friends,

The past two years have been a tremendous test of patience and perseverance for PraiseFest Ministries and the Cruise with a Cause team. As you all know, we have been working diligently to bring the first cruise ship to Haiti in over 30 years. Much progress has been made. The leaders in Haiti have worked very hard and in April of 2013, Haiti was granted its license by the International Port Authority to once again receive passengers. This in itself is an enormous step of progress for Haiti.

However, at this point no cruise line is ready to take one of their ships into Port-au-Prince. That puts us in a position where we need to make an important decision on our future direction. We still passionately believe we have been called to take Cruise with a Cause to Haiti, and we are in no way giving up on this vision. We believe that it will happen in the future and will be taking steps in the months ahead to work toward making this a reality.

In the meantime, we know that so many of you want to take your families, youth groups, churches, choirs, ministries, etc. on a Cruise with a Cause. Our last mission to Jamaica back in 2011 saw 21,142 people make public and confirmed decisions to follow Christ. We knew immediately that we needed to put together a follow up mission to Jamaica. We put the follow up mission on hold because we had to focus so much time and effort on Haiti. But now we believe God has called us to fully pursue the follow up Cruise with a Cause to Jamaica while at the same time working toward making a mission to Haiti a reality in the future.

We are starting the process of putting the next Cruise with a Cause together to go back to Jamaica in June 2015. We have seen the impact that a follow up mission can make through our previous efforts in The Bahamas. Now everyone in Jamaica knows about the Jamaica PraiseFest. The schools and school leaders better know what to expect and will be better prepared. We will also be expanding our efforts there by adding a construction mission, a medical mission, and a few other various humanitarian projects that allow us to minister and reach even more people.

We need your help by being involved! This past week I shared our intention to return with the Christian leaders in Jamaica. They have called me numerous times over
the past two years asking when we will be back. I have included a letter from the leadership in Jamaica showing their enthusiasm for our return. They said that when we first started the PraiseFest mission in Jamaica, they prayed that 60,000 souls be brought into the Kingdom in Jamaica. They believe that when we return, by working together with the guidance and impact of the Holy Spirit, we can see that prayer answered. PLEASE SEE THE LETTER BELOW FROM THE JAMAICAN LEADERSHIP

Begin to pray about your involvement in the next Cruise with a Cause to Jamaica in 2015. We would love to have you join us on this exceptional missions cruise experience.

In Christ,


Dr. Matthew Dunaway, President – PraiseFest Ministries, Inc.


Dear Dr. Matthew Dunaway,

Greetings in the wonderful name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The  members of the Board of Directors of Dove Ministries International (Jamaica) are absolutely delighted about the prospect of Cruise With A Cause (CWAC) returning to Jamaica. We at DMI along with the Jamaica Tourist Board extend our warmest invitation for your return.  A massive impact was made and history was created when that mission trip cam to this country in June 2011.  Arising out of that, there is still unfinished work to be done here in Western Jamaica, at large and Montego Bay.  In particular, we are excited about the follow-up to be done and the possibility of opening new grounds.  There are other ports in Jamaica that we could open up to this mission trip in the future as well.

CWAC is returning to Jamaica at a very opportune time.  Our intercessors all over the island have been praying for a long time to see a move of God in our country and an outbreak of a revival, especially among our youth.  So we see the return of CWAC as a part of God’s answer to these prayers.  The harvest indeed is ripe but the laborers are few.  Many of the children impacted by the 2011 visit have since moved on to higher institutions of learning and there have been fresh intakes.  In addition to these, there are also children’s homes and place of safety for children in this region where some of the children are homeschooled.

During CWAC 2011, one hundred and ninety (190) schools were visited and approximately sixteen thousand (16, 000) children, along with teachers, as well, responded to the altar calls made at the schools. A further five thousand plus (5,000x) responses were made during the altar call at the concert and during the street ministry. When we first launched this mission in Jamaica, we were praying for 60,000 souls to come to Christ. This follow up mission will give us the opportunity to reach those other 40,000 souls for Christ.

Our experts have estimated the crowd at approximately 30,000 – 35,000 worshippers who attended the free concert/crusade, (taking into consideration the inclemency of the weather). The return of CWAC will have yet another massive impact on the Gospel scene in Jamaica, and in particular on School Evangelism, as we have over 235 schools in this region with approximately 133,000 students in these schools. There were many people who did not attend the festival because it was the first time this was ever done. However, every person in Jamaica not only knows about the Jamaica PraiseFest now, but they are asking when it will return. We will likely increase attendance at the outreach festival by at least double.

Dr. Dunaway, I assure you that our team here at Dove Ministries International (Jamaica)/Jamaica PraiseFest, stand willing to assist, in any way we can, with coordinating the Jamaican leg of Cruise With A Cause Jamaica 2015.

God Bless,

Minister, Lorna Chambers, President

Dove Ministries International (Jamaica) & Jamaica PraiseFest


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