Matthew Dunaway, President,

Terry Baum, Executive Director,

Wade Hamner, Artists Relations Director,

Martin Houston, Media Relations Director,

Mike Sibley, Director of Church and Ministry Relations,

Frank Shelton, Indie Artists & Schools,

Ron and Star Nelson, Intercessory Prayer Directors,

Jeff Atkins, Council in Heaven, contact info: prayer

Directors of Missions:

Chris Dorritiy, South Africa,
Forrest Atkinson, S. America & Oceania,
Robert Brown, Homeland Prayer,
Herold Auborg, Haiti,
Jeff Morris, Mandinka Africa,
Josie Dorlus, Western Europe,
Michael Sibley, Germany & Austria,
Pete Porter, North & Central America,
Paul Malhotra, Western Asia,
Tsachai Maduro, Eastern Asia,
Ron & Star Nelson, Central Africa,

Shanta Atkins, Northern Africa,

Dan & Cathy Shupe, Shoe Drive Mission

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