Experience the joy of ministering to children as we send teams to visit various schools and orphanages in Port au Prince. Laugh with them, talk to them, sing with them, pray with them, and teach them about Jesus. Each school and orphanage that we visit will be given a new laptop or tablet. Our long term goal is to create computer learning stations in each school by partnering with churches and organizations to provide additional media resources. The training will be led by Josh McDowell & the INCM. No experience is required for this ministry opportunity, although public speaking and/or musical experience will be needed for the leaders of each team.


Help rebuild Haiti by serving on construction teams to repair areas devastated by the 2010 earthquake. We have a list of needed to tackle and will share the love of Jesus as we go. This team will leave early in the morning and return by early evening on both days. Previous construction experience is not required, but team leaders with construction experience will be needed.


Visit local communities and tent cities to share God’s love with people living there. We will be installing special water filtration systems that provide clean water for up to four whole families for the rest of their lives. We will also distribute soccer balls and other donated resources while hosting evangelistic outreach events for children and adults. No experience is required for this ministry opportunity.


Meet people’s basic health needs while sharing God’s love with them at the same time! Visit various hospitals and clinics to deliver medical supplies, help with basic health issues and share the love of Jesus. This ministry takes place on both days. Medical professionals are a part of every team so medical experience is helpful but not required. We do need people who work in dentistry, optometry, chiropractics and also nurses and general practitioners.


Share hope, a future and the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we visit several area prisons to distribute hygiene kits to inmates. Our long term goal is to establish an “Adopt an Inmate” program for people who accept Christ to partner them with local churches for long-term support. To participate in this ministry you must be at least 21 years of age and have previous prison ministry experience. There is a background and screening process as well.


Join us at this amazing evangelistic outreach event that concludes our time together! This celebration festival will be hosted on the palace grounds Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with an expected 150,000 people in attendance. Counseling, basic setup and teardown of equipment, security, crowd control and other various tasks are needed. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this ministry and cannot be responsible for younger children during this time.


Reach local deaf communities by sharing Jesus through sign language and interpretive dance! People that specialize in deaf ministry and/or interpretative dance are ideal for this team. Because this will be a smaller team, experience with deaf ministry and/or interpretative dance is required.


Show true compassion to the suffering by delivering hygiene kits and educational materials to people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. We’ll share the love of Jesus, pray with them and help them understand God’s plan for their lives. No experience is necessary, but a willing and compassionate heart is essential.


Help the mentally and physically handicapped by reaching out, especially to many who may not be able to attend the festival. Minister specifically to the handicapped community, helping people to know that Jesus loves them and that He can use them for His Glory. While no experience in ministering to the handicapped is required, we do need some people who have experience.


Reach out to recovering drug addicts by showing love and support as we visit rehabilitation centers. We want to be an encouragement by delivering hygiene kits and by sharing the love of Jesus and His plan for their lives. Previous experience in drug addiction ministry is recommended.


Join Dr. Faith Fredrick, Martha Munizzi and Dr. Judy McAllister as they lead a dynamic workshop for worship leaders in Port au Prince. Teach the local worship leaders ideas for spirit-led worship that is effective and Biblical. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and learn about the local culture and their worship style during our workshop. This mission has very limited space, so please sign up early.


Join Debra Morton and Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones for an outreach workshop for local women. You’ll help facilitate as our speakers enthusiastically share their hearts, teach self-respect and encourage local women with finding new purpose in their own spiritual lives. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about Haitian culture as a part of this workshop. This mission has very limited space and is reserved only for women.

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